Download free HP Photosmart C7200 User Manual PDF - You can access a variety of resources, both printed and on screen, that provide information about how to configure and use HP Photosmart C7200 all-in-One. The Setup Guide provides instructions for configuring HP all-in-One and installing software. Be sure to follow the steps in the Setup Guide in order. If you have problems during Setup, see the Setup Guide for information on troubleshooting or see "Troubleshooting" on page 169 in this online help. The roadmap contains a general description of HP all-in-One, which includes step-by-step instructions for basic tasks, suggestions for troubleshooting and technical information. HP Photosmart Essential animations are an interactive way to get a brief description of the software that is included with HP all-in-One. You will learn how the software can help you to create, share, organize, and print your photos.
The onscreen help provides detailed instructions on the use of all the features of the HP all-in-One. How do I? It provides links so that you can quickly find information on performing common tasks. The general theme of HP all-in-One provides general information on the main features of the HP all-in-One. The troubleshooting topic provides information about the resolution of errors you may encounter with HP all-in-One. The file Readme contains the latest information that can not be found in other publications. Install the software to access the file Readme. If you have Internet access, you can get help and support from the HP website. This Web site offers technical support, drivers, supplies, and ordering information.

Table contents of HP Photosmart C7200 User Manual
  • HP All-in-One overview
  • Find more information
  • Finish setting up the HP All-in-One
    How do I?
  • Load originals and load paper
  • Print from your computer
  • Use the photo features
  • Use the scan features
  • Use the copy features
  • Use the fax features
  • Print reports and forms
  • Maintain the HP All-in-One
  • Shop for ink supplies
  • Troubleshooting
  • HP warranty and support
  • Technical information
Download HP Photosmart C7200 User Manual


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