Royal Alpha 600sc Manual

Download Free Royal Alpha 600sc Cash Register Manual pdf - Before using this manual to configure and customize your cash register, you should know the following. When you need to press a key, you will see an image of the key that you need to press and the name of the key is in another source. For example 1 if prompted for an administrator password, enter the password, and then press the check button. If you have not set an administrator password, go to the next step. If you need to write something in the area of round number keys, you need to write is shown in a special font. Example 2 using round number keys press 444444 and then press amount Total Tend.
Royal Alpha 600sc Manual

Your cash register configuration consists of the following steps: connecting and in batteries. Installing the paper roll. Setting the date and time. Programming of the sales tax. Adjustment of at least 2 keys Department perform all the steps to make sure that you have configured correctly your cash register. When you are finished with this chapter, refer to the chapter entitled knowing the cash register, beginning at page 10 and the chapter settings on your cash register, basic concepts, starting on page 19 for more information on your cash register. Your cash register needs 3 AA 1.5 volt batteries for memory backup system. These batteries do not come with your cash and you must buy them in addition. You must purchase these batteries before you start this section or as soon as possible after you configure the cash register.

Table of contents Royal Alpha 600sc Manual
  • Welcome
  • Getting Started
  • Getting To Know the Cash Register
  • Setting Up Your Cash Register - the Basics
  • Setting Up Your Cash Register - Advanced
  • Ringing up Sales and Using Training Mode
  • Programming Complex Tax Rates
  • Running Reports
  • Maintenance and Options
  • Troubleshooting
  • Examples
  • Calculating State Tax Table Codes
  • GST/PST System for Canada
  • Product Information
Download Royal Alpha 600sc Manual here

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