Xerox DocuPrint N2125 Service Manual

The Xerox DocuPrint N2125 Service Manual is the main document used to repair and maintain the printer DocuPrint N2125 laser. This manual contains procedures for the service call, procedures of diagnosis, general information, analysis of repair procedures, procedures of analysis of image quality, data cabling and parts lists that allow the service representative repair the failures of DocuPrint N2125.

This manual is divided into seven sections. The title and the description of each section of the manual are as follows: section 1 - procedures for service call this section is used to identify a suspected problem. It contains orientation machine, the flow of calls, initial actions, corrective actions and final actions. This part of the service manual should always be used to initiate the service call. Section 2 - Analysis of repair procedures this section is used to isolate and identify a component or subassembly defective problems. It contains the introduction, the table of display messages, error codes tables and repair (RAPs) testing procedures. Section 3 - Quality of picture this section contains image quality repair procedures to help correct defects in image quality. These procedures provide samples of defects and definitions to help identify the type of defect that exists, the test pattern to use and the actions needed to correct defects. 

Section 4 - Repair/adjustment this section contains instructions for removal, replacement, and adjustment of parts saved inside the machine. Section 5 - Lists of parts this section contains illustrations of the disassembled subsystems and a list of the parts that have been replaced. The names of the parties are listed in this section of the manual, even if the piece itself is not saved. All parts that are saved will have the listed part number. The parts that don't save will not have a number on the list. Section 6 - General procedures this section includes the operations menu map and map of service mode menus. It includes all service operations unique, tools and complementary supplies. Section 7 - Information about wiring this section contains location sensor, connector and PCB drawings; Diagrams of distribution of energy, interconnection diagrams, diagrams of interconnection and pin assignment information. This information is not specific to individual procedures, but it is provided for general reference.

Table of contents Xerox DocuPrint N2125 Service Manual
  • Title 
  • Introduction 
  • Organization 
  • Revision Control List
  • Service Call Procedures 
  • Section Contents 
  • Repair Analysis Procedures 
  • Section Contents 
  • Image Quality Repair Procedures
  • Section Contents 
  • Repair/Adjustments
  • Section Contents 
  • Parts List
  • Section Contents
  • General Procedures 
  • Section Contents 
  • Wiring Data
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