Download free Xerox Phaser 3250 User Manual.pdf This Xerox Phaser 3250 User Guide, Xerox Phaser 3250 Owners Manual, Xerox Phaser 3250 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Xerox Phaser 3250.

Table contents of Xerox Phaser 3250 User Manual and Xerox Phaser 3250 Specifications Introduction Basic setup Printing a demo page Using toner save mode Software overview Supplied software Printer driver features System requirements Network setup Loading print media Basic printing Printing a document Canceling a print job Ordering supplies and accessories Print cartridge Accessories How to purchase Maintenance Cleaning the printer Cleaning the outside of the printer Cleaning the inside of the printer Maintaining the print cartridge Redistributing toner in the print cartridge Replacing the print cartridge Printing a configuration page Maintenance parts Troubleshooting Clearing paper jams In paper feed area Areas near the print cartridge In the paper exit area In the duplex unit area Tips for avoiding paper jams Troubleshooting checklist Solving general printing problems Solving print quality problems Common Windows problems Common PostScript problems Common Linux problems Common Macintosh problems Installing additional memory Precautions to take when installing memory Installing a memory module Activating the added memory in the PS printer properties Specifications

Xerox Phaser 3250 User Manual

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