Download free Macbook 13-inch Repair Guide.pdf This manual is presented as a guide in order to help you repair problems with your machine. Working on electrical components can be dangerous if not done properly. We at take no responsibility for any damage or harm done to yourself or your machine as a result of reading this guide. Apple manufactures several revisions in each line of their products. This guide will try to cover each of these revisions, but you may find subtle differences between our manual and what you see in your unit. This may require small adjustments to the repair procedure as described in our manual. If you are confused at what you are seeing in comparison to the manual’s description and pictures, you may contact us by email or by using our forums and we will try to assist you.

Table contents of Macbook 13-inch Repair Guide
  • Disclaimer / Tools Needed
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started / Battery Removal
  • The “L Bracket / Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • Top Case / Trackpad
  • Top Case Continued
  • Top Case Continued
  • Optical Drive
  • Optical Drive Continued
  • Optical Drive Continued
  • Optical Drive Continued
  • Airport Extreme Card
  • Battery Connector Cable
  • Display Module
  • Display Module Continued
  • Display Module Continued
  • Display Bezel
  • LCD Module
  • LCD Module Continued
  • LCD Module Continued
  • LCD Module Continued / Inverter Board
  • Clutches (Hinges)
  • Bluetooth Assembly
  • Right Speaker & Subwoofer
  • Left Speaker Assembly
  • Fan Assembly
  • Heat Sink
  • Logic Board
  • Logic Board Continued / Magsafe
Macbook 13-inch Repair Guide

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