Download Free HTC Desire Manual.pdf This HTC Desire User manual, SHTC Desire User Guide, HTC Desire Owners Manual, HTC Desire instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the HTC Desire.

Table contents of HTC Desire manual
  • Basics
    Inside the box ~ Your Phone ~ Before turning on your phone ~ Getting started ~ Home screen ~ Phone status and notifications ~ Using the optical trackball to interact with the touch screen ~ Adjusting the volume ~ Connecting your phone to a computer ~ Copying files to and from the storage card ~ Searching your phone and the Web
  • Personalizing
    Making your phone truly yours ~ Changing the ringtone ~ Personalizing your phone with scenes ~ Changing your wallpaper ~ Personalizing your Home screen with widgets ~ Adding application icons and other shortcuts on your Home screen ~ Adding folders on your Home screen ~ Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen
  • Phone calls
    Making calls ~ Receiving calls ~ Using in-call options ~ Using call history ~ Call services ~ Turning Airplane mode on or off
  • People
    About People ~ Ways of getting contacts into your phone ~ People screen ~ Contact groups ~ Contact information and conversations ~ People widget
  • Keyboard
    Using the onscreen keyboard ~ Adjusting touch input settings
  • Messages
    About Messages ~ New message notifications ~ WAP push messages ~ Managing message conversations ~ Setting text and multimedia message options
  • Accounts and sync
    Synchronizing with online accounts ~ Using HTC Sync
  • Social
    Facebook for HTC Sense and Facebook for Android application ~ Tweeting on your phone ~ Using Friend Stream ~ Chatting in Google Talk
  • Email
    Using Gmail/Google Mail
  • Calendar
    About Calendar ~ Creating a calendar event ~ Changing calendar views ~ Viewing, editing or deleting an event ~ Calendar event reminders ~ Changing Calendar settings ~ Displaying and synchronizing calendars ~ Sending a vCalendar ~ About the Calendar widget
  • Clock and Weather
    About the HTC Clock widget ~ About the Clock application ~ Using Desk Clock ~ Using World Clock ~ Setting the alarm clock ~ Checking weather ~ About the Weather widget
  • Internet
    Data connection ~ Wi-Fi ~ Adding the Data connection and Wi-Fi widgets ~ Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) ~ Using your phone’s web browser ~ Using your phone as a modem
  • Bluetooth
    Using Bluetooth ~ Connecting a Bluetooth headset or car kit ~ Disconnecting or unpairing from a Bluetooth device ~ Sending and receiving information using Bluetooth
  • Camera
    Camera basic ~ Zooming ~ Taking a photo ~ Capturing a video ~ Camera settings
  • Photos
    About the Photos application ~ Selecting an album ~ Viewing photos and videos ~ Viewing photos in your social networks ~ Working with photos ~ Sharing
  • Music
    About the Music application ~ Playing music ~ Browsing music in the Library ~ Creating a playlist ~ Setting a song as ringtone ~ Sending music using Bluetooth ~ About the Music widget
  • Maps and location
    Using Google Maps ~ Using HTC Footprints
  • More apps
    Watching videos on YouTube ~ Viewing a PDF ~ Viewing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets ~ Keeping track of your stocks ~ Listening to the radio ~ Recording your voice ~ Finding and installing apps from Android Market ~ Reading news feeds
  • Security
    Protecting your SIM card with a PIN ~ Protecting your phone with a screen lock
  • Settings
    Settings on your phone ~ Changing display settings ~ Changing sound settings ~ Changing the phone language ~ Optimizing your phone’s battery life ~ Managing memory ~ Checking information about your phone
  • Backup, update and reset
    Backing up phone data ~ Updating your phone’s system software ~ Performing a hard/factory reset
  • Specifications
HTC Desire Manual

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