Download Free HP 660LX Manual.pdf This HP 660LX user manual, HP 660LX User Guide, HP 660LX Owners Manual, HP 660LX instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the HP660LX.

Table contents of HP 660LX manual
  • Introduction
    A Note on Models ~ About This Guide
  • A Closer Look at the HP Palmtop PC
  • Using the HP Palmtop PC for the First Time
    Installing the Batteries ~ Getting Started ~ The Welcome Wizard ~ Partnering with Your Desktop Computer
  • Working with the HP Palmtop PC
    Getting Started with Windows CE ~ Getting Help On-line ~ Using AC Power ~ Managing Battery Power ~ Customizing Your HP Palmtop PC ~ Printing ~ Resetting ~ Transferring Files ~ Using a PC Card ~ Using a PC Card Modem ~ Using a CompactFlash Card ~ Synchronizing Data ~ Backing Up and Restoring Data
  • Translating HP PIM Data Files
    Installing the HP PIM Translation Utility ~ Starting the Translation ~ Translating Appointment Data ~ Translating Phone Book Data ~ Reviewing Translation Status
  • Working with Pre-Installed Applications
    Overview of HP Palmtop PC Pre-installed Applications ~ Information Manager for Windows CE – ~ Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks Microsoft Pocket Word ~ Microsoft Pocket Excel ~ Microsoft Pocket Powerpoint ~ Quicken® ExpensAbleTM ~ Fiscal ProTM ~ Microsoft Voice Recorder ~ bFAXTM Pro Fax Send/Receive Application 102
    Inbox ~ Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer ~ bFINDTM Global Find Utility ~ World Clock ~ Calculator ~ Synchronization with the desktop PC (Mobile Devices) ~ Connection to an ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Reference
    Safety, Care, and Maintenance ~ Tips and Troubleshooting ~ Electrostatic Discharge Warning ~ Warranty, Support, and Service
download HP 660LX manual

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