Download Free Toshiba Satellite A100 Manual.pdf This Toshiba Satellite A100 user manual, Toshiba Satellite A100 User Guide, Toshiba Satellite A100 Owners Manual, Toshiba Satellite A100 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Toshiba Satellite A100.

Table contents of Toshiba Satellite A100 manual
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    Selecting a place to work ~ Setting up your computer ~ Registering your computer with Toshiba ~ Connecting to a power source ~ Charging the main battery ~ Using the computer for the first time ~ Adding memory ~ Using the TouchPad ~ Using the Dual Mode Pad ~ Using external display devices ~ Using an external keyboard ~ Using a mouse ~ Connecting a local printer ~ Connecting an optional external diskette drive ~ Turning off the computer ~ Caring for your computer
  • Learning the Basics
    Computing tips ~ Using the keyboard ~ Starting a program ~ Saving your work ~ Printing your work ~ Backing up your work ~ Using the CD-RW/DVD-ROM or multi-function drive ~ Toshiba’s online resources
  • Mobile Computing
    Toshiba’s energy-saver design ~ Running the computer on battery power ~ Charging batteries ~ Monitoring main battery power ~ Changing the main battery ~ Taking care of your battery ~ Disposing of used batteries ~ Traveling tips
  • Exploring Your Computer’s Features
    Exploring the desktop ~ Setting up for communications ~ An overview of using the Internet ~ Exploring audio features ~ Using PC Cards ~ Using an ExpressCard ~ Using the Bridge Media Adapter Slot ~ Using the i.LINK® port
  • Toshiba Utilities
    TOSHIBA Assist ~ Setting passwords ~ Using a supervisor password ~ Fn-esse ~ PC Diagnostic Tool Utility ~ TOSHIBA Power Saver ~ Mouse Utility TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility ~ TOSHIBA Hardware Setup ~ TOSHIBA Zooming Utility ~ TOSHIBA SD Memory Card Format Utility ~ TOSHIBA Button Controls ~ CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer ~ TOSHIBA Accessibility ~ Fingerprint Authentication Utility
  • If Something Goes Wrong
    Problems that are easy to fix ~ Problems when you turn on the computer ~ The Windows® operating system is not working ~ Resolving a hardware conflict ~ DVD operating problems ~ Develop good computing habits ~ Data and system configuration backup in Windows XP ~ If you need further assistance ~ Other Toshiba Internet Web sites ~ Toshiba’s worldwide offices
  • Hot Keys
    Volume Mute ~ Password security ~ Without a password ~ With a password ~ Maintaining security when the battery is not fully charged ~ Power usage mode ~ Standby mode ~ Hibernation mode ~ Display modes ~ Display brightness ~ Disabling or enabling wireless devices ~ Disabling or enabling the TouchPad or Dual Mode Pad ~ Keyboard hot keys ~ Zooming applications in/out
  • Power Cord/Cable Connectors
  • Using ConfigFree™ with your Toshiba
download Toshiba Satellite A100 manual


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