Download Free Yamaha PSR-E313 User Manual.pdf This Yamaha PSR-E313 User Guide Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Yamaha PSR-E313.

Table of contentYamaha PSR-E313 Manual
  • Setting Up
    Power Requirements ~ Connecting headphones (PHONES/OUTPUT Jack) ~ Connecting a footswitch (SUSTAIN Jack) ~ Using the MIDI Terminals ~ Turn on the power
  • Panel Controls and Terminals
    Front Panel ~ Rear Panel
  • Backup and Initialization
    Backup ~ Initialization
  • Basic Operation and Displays
    Basic Operation ~ Display
  • Song Lesson 35
    Lesson 1 (Listen & Learn)
    Lesson 2 (Timing) ~ Lesson 3 (Waiting)
  • Song settings 39
    Changing the Melody Voice
    Song Volume ~ Mute ~ Practice Makes Perfect
  • Play With a Variety of Effects 42
    Adding Harmony
    Adding Reverb ~ Adding Chorus ~ Adding Panel Sustain
  • Handy Performance Features 45
    Touch Response Sensitivity
    Setting the Split Point ~ Transpose ~ Tuning ~ One Touch Setting ~ Changing the tempo of the Song/Style ~ Adjusting the Voice Parameters
  • Style (Auto Accompaniment) Functions
    Various ways to start and stop Style playback ~ Pattern Variation (Sections) ~ Adjusting the Style Volume ~ Registering Style Files
  • Playing Auto Accompaniment Chords
    Easy Chords ~ Standard Chords ~ Looking up Chords Using the Chord Dictionary
  • Function Settings
    Select the item and change the value
  • About MIDI
    What is MIDI? ~ What You Can Do With MIDI ~ Transferring Performance Data To and From Another Instrument ~ Transferring data between the PSR-E313/YPT-310 and a computer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Voice List
    Maximum Polyphony
  • Drum Kit List
  • Style List
  • Music Database List
  • Effect Type List
  • MIDI Implementation Chart
  • MIDI Data Format
    Effect map
  • Specifications
  • Index

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