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Download Free VW L-Jetronic Fuel Injection Workshop Manual pdf. This manual describes the troubleshooting and repair of vehicles with the robert bosch L-Jetronic (EFI) system using mostly common workshop tools. You should understand this fuel injection system before you begin working on the vehicle. The Bosch Technical instruction Booklet VDT-UBP 751/1B explains the L-jetronic system in detail and will increase your understanding of this system. This will reduce repair times and facilitate the use of this Workshop Manual

How To VW L-Jetronic Fuel Injection Workshop Manual
  • Tool List
  • Troubleshooting chart
    engine does not start ~ engine starts and dies ~ rough idle ~ fuel not accepted smoothly ~ eninge misses ~ fuel consumption too high ~ no maximum power
  • Component Test Instructions
  • Test Chart
    voltage supply ~ air flow meter ~ throttle valve switch ~ fuel pump, pressure regulator and relay ~ temperature sensor ~ injection valves ~ cold start valve ~ thermo time switch ~ altitude compensator
  • Fuel System Description
  • Electric Wiring Diagram

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