Download Free Honda XR-600 Service Manual. This service guide is a maintenance troubleshooting and instruction owner manual reference used for maintaining, disassembly and servicing the Honda XR-600 Motorcycle. Honda Service Manual It provides comprehensive information on identifying Honda XR-600 motorcycle features, components, and spare parts troubleshooting motorcycle problems and performing motorcycle disassembly procedures.

Table contents of Honda XR-600 Service Manual
  • Introduction
    The birth of a dream ~ Acknowledgements ~ About this manual ~ Safety first ~ Identification numbers ~ Buying spare parts ~
    Engine/transmission oil level check ~ Coolant level check ~ Brake fluid level checks ~ Tire checks
  • Routine maintenance and servicing
    Specifications ~ Recommended lubricants and fluids ~ Maintenance schedule ~ Component locations ~ Maintenance procedures
  • Engine, transmission and associated systems
    Engine (air-cooled), clutch and transmission ~ Engine (liquid-cooled), clutch and transmission ~ Cooling system (XR650R models) ~ Fuel and exhaust systems ~ Ignition and electrical systems
  • Chassis components
    Steering ~ Suspension ~ Final drive ~ Brakes ~ Wheels ~ Tires ~ Frame and bodywork
  • Electrical system
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Reference
    Dimensions and weights ~ Conversion factors ~ Tools and workshop tips ~ MOT test checks ~ Storage ~ Motorcycle chemicals and lubricants ~ Fault finding ~ Fault finding equipment ~ Technical terms explained

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