Download Free DigiTech 2120 User Guide pdf. This DigiTech 2120 Instruction Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing and configuring the DigiTech 2120 Valve Guitar System.

This owner's manual is your key to understanding the powerful world of the 2120 VGS Artist. Read it carefully. After you've had time to familiarize yourself with the unit, try experimenting with unusual effect combinations. You are certain to achieve sounds never thought possible before. Good luck, and thank you for choosing Digitech

Table contents of DigiTech 2120 Valve Guitar System Manual
  • Introduction
    Congratulations ~ Included Items ~ Product Features ~ Warranty ~ A Quick Tour of the 2120 VGS ~ Basic Specs
  • Setting Up
    Making Connections ~ Getting Around the Operating System ~ Getting Sounds ~ Using the Tuner
  • Editing Programs
    Selecting a Program ~ Selecting Effect Configurations ~ Storing/Naming Programs ~ Editing a Program ~ Comparing Changes ~ Storing/Naming Defaults ~ Editing a Module
  • Effects and Parameters
    Digital Effect Size and Type ~ Default List ~ Effect Library ~ Preamp Section ~ Digital Effects Section
  • The 2120 FC
    Connecting the 2120 FC Foot Controller ~ Start-Up of 2120 FC Foot Controller ~ Front Controls and Functions ~ Rear Connections ~ Basic Operation of the 2120 FC ~ Expression Pedals Names ~ Programming the 2120 Foot Controller ~ Assigning Functions ~ Assigning Programs to Footswitches ~ Assigning Parameters to Footswitches/Expression Pedals ~ Other Footswitch Functions ~ Assigning MIDI Control to the Expression Pedals ~ Naming Banks
  • Advanced Topics
    Assigning Modifiers ~ MIDI Functions ~ Other Utility Functions
  • Appendix
    Factory Program List ~ Effect Configuration Chart ~ Harmony Interval Charts ~ Specifications ~ MIDI Implementation Chart

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